The parties that are linked through these conditions are MANTELROOM, ID: 53009060V, established in Avenida Cerro del Aguila 9, 28703 S.S. Reyes, Madrid, and the customer user.

Please read the following rules which govern the services offered by MANTELROOM. The ordering customer states that acknowledge and agree, without reservation, the general terms and condicions of hire:

1. Who can access our services

Our services are available for over 18, with sufficient capacity to contract.

2. Service area

MANTELROOM rent linens for events nationwide (excluding Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla).

3. Register

Registration on our website is to fill some required fields. The person must incorporate real data, and is the only responsible for its update.

4. Rates

The prices are without taxes, without transport and valid within period budgeted, according to our current rates.
Any use over this period, it will subjet to special arrangements and an additional billing. Any delay in returning the material will be billed at the rate in force.

5.- Ordering

All order must attach the quotation accepted by the customer and accompanied by a deposit, not accepting orders that do not meet these two requirements. Once accepted the quotation by costumer, the order will effective, subject to availability of the requested material.

6.- Deliveries and Returns

* The delivery and collection stipulated will be performed by specialized transport company chosen by Mantelroom.
* Second and third consecutive delivery attempts will incur new costs of transport, and they will be charged to the client.
* The delivery and collection schedule will be from 09.00 h. to 19.00 h. In the ocassion that the customer requires a particular time of delivery or collection, the customer shall bear the additional expense caused.
* The receipt of the package must be made by the client personally or through authorized person, with the full responsibility of the customer.
* In the box a delivery order, a report and specific conditions for the rent and the return will be included.
* The customer may, if desired, collect and deliver the product rented at MANTELROOM’s office at Avenida Cerro del Aguila 9 First Floor, 28703 S.S. Reyes, Madrid.

7.- Shipping terms

The delivery and collection costs are billed at current rates. Any additional costs not foreseen in the initial budget will be subject to an additional billing.

8.- Rental period

The rental period is 4 days, including the days of receipt and collection. If the last day is a public holiday, we will proceed to refund the next working day. In the event that the return is directly at Mantelroom office, it must be made before 18.00 on the last day of the rental period.

9.- Reduction and Cancellation terms

Reductions of products and order cancellation is free provided that the notice of removal of products / cancellation is before thirty calendar days before the event. If you remove products / total cancellation of the order after this date, 50% of the total order amount will be refunded. If the notice period reduction of products / cancellation is seven business days or less from the date of the event days, no refund shall apply.

10. Return

Once the event has ended, the client should proceed to return the product.
The courier will pick up the package without the customer contact them. For security, you must enter the products in the same boxes and / or bags in which you received them.
The customer can, if desired, return the product at MANTELROOM’ office located at Avenida Cerro del Aguila 9, First Floor, 28703 S.S. Reyes, Madrid.

11.- Deposit / Insurance

All orders must be accompanied by a deposit or insurance, according to customer choice:
* Deposit: payment of an amount by the customer, which is received as a deposit and guarantee the success of the operation is required and will be refunded once returned the material in good condition and after paying the total invoice, unless otherwise expressly agreed.
* Security: the payment of an amount by the customer, covering any incident that may happen in the hired products (excluding losses and misuse of the material) is required.

12. Disposal and return of leased equipment

Customer acknowledges receipt of materials in good condition, suitable for use and proper conditions of cleanliness and hygiene.
In the act of delivery and collection of the material the customer must do an inventory, together with the delivery note received. Any mismatch in list of materials, please contact immediately MANTELROOM

13.- Use, Damaged, Missing items

The customer or if the professionals hired by him, say they are duly qualified for the use of rented material. You can not manipulate, modify or, if necessary, alter the materials leased.
During the lease period, the customer is required to care for and preserve the material, protecting it from any situation that could damage, such as misuse, meteorological phenomena (rain, snow, etc.), theft, vandalism, etc.
The damaged material or not returned will be billed to the customer at their equivalent value of new purchase, if necessary by raising an indemnity to cover the unavailability of material.

14.- Invoicing

Invoicing shall be performed according to the time of the lease. At the time of booking you will be charged partially, and the remaining amount will be charged seven business days before the date the use of the rented linens.

15.- Payment terms

Payment may be made by bank transfer or credit card. It is agreed that the failure to pay by the due date will include:
– Default interest calculated at 1.5 times the rate of legal interest as of the date required on all of the amounts outstanding.
– The payment of litigation expenses.
– An allowance of penalty clause, equal to 15% of the amounts owed.

16. Retention of Title

The rented material is the property of the lessor and lessee can not sub-let or transfer it in any way.

17. Force Majeure

MANTELROOM shall not be liable for any delay or non-delivery due to force majeure or causes beyond its control, such as, without limitation, strikes, accidents, official ban, etc.

18. Liability and insurance

The customer receives the material leased as a deposit and is responsible for receipt, preserved properly and stored, as well as for damages, for whatever it may be the cause, arising the leased material during the period hired.
Shall not be allowed any customer complaint after 24 hours of installation of leased material or, where applicable, of the provision.

19. Limitation of Liability

Mantelroom disclaims all responsibility in the following cases:
-It can happen that the chosen product will not be as displayed through the website, due to the resolution problems, explorer used or other cases of this kind. MANTELROOM applies all actions concerning providing an accurate visualization of the product, however, is not liable for minor deviations or inaccuracies that may exist.
-MANTELROOM act with the utmost diligence in order to make available the product chosen to the transport company. However, it is not liable for damages arising from malfunction of transport, especially for causes such as strikes, withholding roads, and generally any other industry, they result in delays, losses or thefts of product chosen. MANTELROOM is not responsible for the greatest damage that may occur to the product, total loss or theft, once delivery has been made and it has been approved by the client. Damages and defects are the responsibility of the client.
-In case that it can not finally be carried out renting the product for the selected date, whether by majeure or fortuitous cause, MANTELROOM disclaims all liability for damages of this fact may arise to the user.
-Technical malfunctions for accidental or other causes, that prevent the normal operation of the service via the Internet.
-Lack of availability of the site for maintenance or other reasons which prevent the normal service.

20. Reservation of Rights

MANTELROOM reserves the right not to hire certain requests before they are formalized, without there being any justification. Also MANTELROOM reserves the right to cancel or suspend a rental product, duly notifying the customer and making the appropriate reimbursement.
MANTELROOM may terminate the contract at any time by existence of outstanding debts; or suspicion or belief that there will be a use of the product contrary to the general conditions available; or when accessing the Web, the customer disrupts the normal functioning of the system, according to what is stated in the terms of use of the site.
MANTELROOM reserves the right to modify these Terms at any time without notice. These changes will be posted on the Web page so that the user can know prior to use. Consequently, the user must read these General Conditions in each of the occasions when they proceed to use the Web site. The use of the site and / or use of services, once modified the General Conditions are applicable, shall mean the acceptance thereof by the user.

21. Jurisdiction

For any doubt, question or dispute that may arise regarding the interpretation or performance of this contract, the parties agree to submit to the institutional arbitration tribunal of competent Madrid.