How to contact Mantelroom?
You can contact us by phone, e-mail and on-line seven days a week. You can also come and see us at our showroom, previously asking us for an appointment.
How I can rent your products?
Ordering in Mantelroom is simple. You can make your selection and request a quote online, by e-mail, by phone or directly at our showroom (ask for an appointment). In order to confirm your reservation, we need you inform us the items you want to rent and date of event.
Is there a minimum order?
No order is too small or too big for Mantelroom.
How far in advance should I place my order?
You must request our services at least four weeks before the event. For reasons of availability, the sooner you make your request, the more likely that the selected items are available. For last-hour events, contact us via phone +34 620 893 083 to confirm availability.
Can I get advice on the needs of my event?
Of course. Call us at +34 620 893 083 or write an e-mail hola@mantelroom.es and tell us the details of your event (place, date, dimension, etc.). We are happy to hear you and help you in your choice.
Who set the material in the venue?
We send and collect the material. Dressing the event with our products is your responsability.

Sales questions
Is there a minimum order?
No minimum order in Mantelroom.
How long can I rent?
There is not a time of hire, but rental services, which ranging from the date that the material leaves our facilities (usually two business days before the event), the day of the event, to delivery at our facilities upon the event is over (usually two business days after the event).
Can I rent longer?
Yes, as long as your products are available for the dates you want. Call us and we will check availability.
Should I pay a deposit?
There are two options; you can choose the one you prefer. You can pay a deposit (35% of the total amount of your order), which is returned once we get the material back and confirm that there is no damaged or lost item. The second option is to contract our insurance (20% of the total order) and not worry about any incident that may happen with the material during the event.
What measures have tablecloths?
The tablecloths are square. Available sizes are 330 cm x 330 cm and 350 cm x 350 cm, suitable sizes to cover any tabletop. Ask us for special dimensions.
Can I see the material before ordering?
Of course. You visit our showroom if you live near Madrid (by appointment). Or to order samples (subject to availability). In any case, please contact us via online, by phone at +34 620 893 083 or send to us an e-mail hola@mantelroom.es
Can I change my order?
You can add items to your order up to twenty business days before the event date; the shipping costs will be charged, if the initial order has already been issued. Remove products, you may always within twenty working days before the event date (100% refund). Passed that period, and up to seven business days before the event date, the product's removal order, will be a refund of 50% of the total order. Passed the latter period, a cancellation will not be a refund of the product corresponding to the deleted rent.
Can I cancel an order?
Yes. The refund will be free of charges if the order is canceled before twenty calendar days before the event. If you decide to cancel after this date, we will refund 50% of the total order. If the cancellation notice period is seven business days or less from the date of the event, a refund shall not apply. You can cancel your order by calling +34 620 893 083 or sending an e-mail to hola@mantelroom.es
Can I buy items?
Of course. Contact us for information on our sales prices.

When will I receive my order?
A week before the event, we will contact you to confirm the day you want to receive your order. Normally, it received the day before the event, but you can ask us to change it to adapt to the needs of your event.
Can I choose delivery times and / or collection?
Deliveries are made between 9.00 h. and 18.00 h. the business day prior to the event date. Collections are between 09.00 h. and 18.00 h. the business day after the event date. You can ask us to arrange a time slot and / or change the day, though it could be an extra transport charge.
How are orders shipped?
Most of our orders are sent through the transport company Tourline Express. There are other shipping alternatives due to special circumstances such as last minute orders, Islands shipments, delivery on Saturdays and public holidays, etc.
Do I need to sign the delivery note once I get the material?
Yes. It needs to know that you've received the order properly. If you will not be to receive the goods, let us the name and telephone number of the person you authorize to receive the order.
Can I pick up my order personally?
Of course. You can stop by our office to pick up your order.
What are the transportation costs?
Transport costs vary depending on the city, weight and volume of the merchandise. Usually, we make deliveries with Tourline Express company, but it can vary as long as the needs of your event as required.

How do I package the material to be returned?
Place all the items in the box in which you received them and seal it. Make sure that linens are free of food, flowers or any other type of waste. If you need to change any details of your return you must contact us by calling at +34 620 893 083 or by writing an e-mail hola@mantelroom.es. Do not forget that you must give the goods to the messenger the agreed day, otherwise you will be charged late fees.
Do I have to pay to the messenger?
No. At the time of reservation, you've already paid the shipping cost (go and back).
Do I have to clean the material before returning?
No. You return the material used in your event without cleaning. We take care of washing and ironing it.
What should I do if I lose the return labels or boxes supplied by Mantelroom on delivery of the material?
If you lose the labels and / or boxes for returning the material, immediately contact Mantelroom.
Can I return my order personally?
If you lose the labels and / or boxes for returning the material, immediately contact Mantelroom.
What if I delay in returning the order?
You will be charged with 30% of the rental fee for each day of delay.

Damaged and loss policy
What if something is lost or damaged?
When we get back the material, it is counted and checked. Customer must pay the charges for replacement of all non-returned items and items damaged. Any cost stains occurred from normal use will not be charged. However, charges will be passed if the spots are caused by improper use such as using a cloth as a carpet. Before packing tablecloths for return, be sure to remove food debris, flowers or other kind of debris.
Do I have to pay a deposit for the rental?
If you believe that your event will be quiet and do not want to contract the rental insurance we offer, you have the option to pay a deposit of 35% of the total amount of your order. This deposit will be paid a few days before the event and we are fully refunded when you return the rented equipment and have verified the amounts and state of the material. There will not apply any discount by spots occurred from normal use . But if the garment suffers an irreparable accident, Mantelroom will apply a discount from the deposit, based on the following cases:
breakage or tearing of the garment: 20 €
tough stains that do not appear in the first dry cleaning and need a second cleaning: 18 €
- total deterioration of the garment (burn, broken impossible to amend, permanent stains, any damage that is irreparable and that prevents us rent it again) will inform the restocking fee depending on the affected garment.
What is the rental insurance?
The hiring is optional (or you pay the deposit or pay the rental insurance, you just choose). In Mantelroom we know that accidents can happen and we want you have peace of mind and enjoy your event. Therefore, we have created an accident insurance which costs 20% of the total price of your rental. In this way, your linen will be fully insured against any accident that may occur (burns, fractures, etc.).
What are the advantages of paying for insurance?
Contracting the rental insurance you will ensure your fun and relaxation to any accident that may happen with hired linen.
What is not covered by rental insurance?
- The loss of the garment: in this case you must pay the full price of the product (discounting the rental fee already paid).
- Bad use made of the garment: rental insurance we offer covers any damage that is caused by an accident and not depend on even when we are very careful (stains, burns from a cigarette, etc.). But if, for example, a tablecloth is used as carpet, we define these practices as bad practices. Therefore, in these cases, although you had contracted the rental insurance, if the garment comes in very poor condition (stains do not come out, snagging or major tears, total deterioration of the garment, as well as any damage that is irreparable and we impossible rent it again), the customer must pay the arrangement of the garment or replacement where applicable (discounting the amount of rent already paid).

Payment methods
How does the payment process work?
At the time of booking you can choose to pay the full rental amount (when selected, apply a 3% discount on your order) or 40% of total rental amount (a few days before the event we will contact you to formalize the remaining 60% of the payment).

Besides, at the time of booking, you can choose to hire a rental insurance (20% of the total order) or pay a deposit (35% of the total amount of booking). Whatever your choice, a few days before the event we will contact you to discuss the details of your order, and to formalize this payment.
If you choose to pay a deposit when we receive the material back and verify that everything is correct, we will make the income in the same method in which you paid.

What payment methods can I use?
You can pay the rent with credit / debit cards and bank transfer.

Fabric samples
Can I request a fabric sample?
Yes. You can ask fabric samples to convince you of the quality and color of the fabric. You can do so online, by phone or by e-mail. It is about 15x15 cm pieces. You can apply up to four samples per € 5.5. From the fifth piece, we recorded € 1 extra per piece.